Sync Twitter Likes

You can now sync all your Twitter Likes into dewey.



If you want to import all of your likes from Twitter, not just your bookmarks, there is an easy way to do this. Simply click on your profile on Twitter, and initially, you'll see all of your tweets. However, navigate to the far right to view your likes. This will display all of your previous likes in reverse chronological order.

Now, at the top, there is a Dewey button that says "Grab Likes". This button works similarly to the "Grab Bookmarks" button, but now we'll be importing your likes into Dewey. Clicking "Grab Likes" will ask for confirmation, reminding you that you might have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of likes. Proceed with this, and now, when you go back into your Dewey account and refresh, you'll see both your bookmarks and likes.

To distinguish between bookmarks and likes, bookmarks will appear as usual, but they won't have anything in the bottom left corner. On the other hand, the posts you've liked will have a little heart on the bottom left corner.

Filtering for likes is simple. Right next to the sort option, you'll see a little eye icon. Click it, and you'll see options to display bookmarks and likes. You can turn off bookmarks to see just your likes, or turn off likes to view only your bookmarks.