Save your favorite X (Twitter) and Bluesky bookmarks in one place

X (formerly Twitter) bookmarks are a mess. Bluesky doesn’t have them yet. So we built dewey. Sync, search, and export all your bookmarks across multiple accounts.

Trusted by 20,000+ users who've collectively backed up over 15M bookmarks
Syed Huq Rob Lennon Muneeb Aabhash K Matt Galligan Poltak Hotradero Nicole Harishi Srivastava Tom Harari
Give your X (Twitter) and Bluesky bookmarks superpowers
instant search results Organize Search, sort, tag, categorize, and annotate
your X, Twitter, and Bluesky bookmarks.
Keep track of all your saved tweets with ease
and find what you're looking for in seconds.
man grab a tweet Export Seamlessly export bookmarks into tools like
Notion. With automatic backups from any
device your bookmarks are preserved even if
the original tweets are deleted
(images included).
man staring at tweet Share Make your folders public and
share them with the world.
Others can subscribe to your
folders and get a peek into how you think.
Save My Bookmarks
tweet with text and images
Break free from API limitations

Dewey doesn’t rely on APIs so you can export the first bookmark you've ever saved on Twitter, X, and Bluesky. X (Twitter) API has an 800 bookmark limit for sync and Bluesky doesn’t even have an API, let alone Bookmarks. Good thing we don’t care.

Global Sidebar

The simplest way to view and search your bookmarked tweets on any profile without ever leaving Twitter, err X.

Whether you're scrolling on your favorite writer's profile or your favorite meme account, we've made it simple to see what content you've saved.

search bar
Bookmark across social apps

Sync your bookmarks across X (formerly Twitter) and Bluesky and view them all within the Dewey platform. Your data belongs to you. Now you can see it all in one place and search, sort, organize and export as you wish.

Save My Bookmarks
quotes sign Trusted by X (Twitter) and Bluesky power users
Dewey solves a major problem with bookmarks on this app. Love that you created it. Rob Lennon@thatroblennon
Dewey: Better bookmarks for Google Chrome Sidebar@SidebarIO
Search, organize, and export your Twitter bookmarks. An easier way to categorize all those threads you've been saving. Syed Huq 🎮@thesyedhuq
Twitter bookmarks, and (more importantly) the Dewey Chrome extension has been a game-changer for me when it comes to "doing research" 🤩
I'd pay 💵💵 if there was an anonymized repository of bookmarked tweets segregated by topics, account followers, 'no. of times bookmarked' 🙌🏽 Abhash K@AabhashK
Have you bookmarked so many tweets that you can't find that one specific tweet when needed?
Fret no more. Use @getdewey to: - keep your bookmarked tweets sorted in different folders - remember purpose of saving them with annotations - share your collections publicly Harshi Srivastava@hi_harshi
I've been using the Dewey Chrome Ext to categorize my Twitter bookmarks. so far it's pretty cool. Here I have all my "torch" stunts together Jerry Gordon@JerryGordonFB
This is brilliant. A dashboard for your Twitter Bookmarks that lets you search, sort, tag, and share collections. You can even export Bookmarks to a note-taking app!
Props to @getdewey for helping make Twitter Bookmarks more user-friendly. Product Hunt 😸@ProductHunt
@getdewey is going to save a lot of souls on Twitter. For Twitter power users like myself, Dewey is a game-changer.
Great work @YuriyYarovoy @AlexProber @tomharari Sharath Kuruganty@5harath
Use Dewey to organize your bookmarks with multiple folders. Nicole | Email Copywriter@HelloNicole01
It's a better way to manage your Twitter bookmarks
- Label bookmarks - Sort by your favorite authors, virality. Wizz@wizzofbizz
Love Twitter - for many years - but the product team needs to focus on value-added features. @getdewey are heaps better at bookmarks' organisation. Samuel Pavin@SamPavin
Sick of bookmarking interesting tweets you can never find again?
Install dewey. It makes it easy to search, organise & share all your Twitter bookmarks.
You're going to love it 😍 Sally | Email Marketing Geek 🤓@OnlineToolGeek
Organize Twitter bookmarks with a simple extension, helping you make the most of it. Abhishek Shah@abhishekshah173
Because Twitter seems a bit unstable at the moment, I thought I'd back up my account - would be sad to lose track of the wonderful research I've found on here.
I can recommend @getdewey for bookmarks - for everything else, you can download an archive of your data via settings. Sophie Starrenburg@s_starrenburg
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