Get the most out of your Twitter Bookmarks

dewey. makes it easy to search, organize, and share all your Twitter bookmarks into your favorite note-taking tools.

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How bookmarks should have been built from the start
instant search results Instant Search Lightning fast
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man grab a tweet Export To whichever tool you want
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Curation Begins with Organization

Transform Twitter bookmarks into organized collections of tweets and threads. Sort, tag, search, and export instead of burying them deeper with every new bookmark added.

Share collections of threads

280 characters force tweets and threads to be clear, concise, and rich in information. Users distill books and complex ideas down to core principles and Twitter has become an incredible place to learn from the distilled wisdom of the crowd.

dewey. lets you collect, curate, and share collections of bookmarks with others and search for collections based on tags, keywords, or Twitter IDs.

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Remember the tweets you saved

By default, Twitter bookmarks are a blackhole.

dewey. collects your new bookmarks and sends you weekly emails with an overview of what you have saved, the collections you have added, and older uncategorized bookmarks you can add to your collections.

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Not Alone
I use bookmarking a lot for personal curation, but afaik bookmarks arent available in the Twitter API in the same way Liked tweets are... makes it very difficult to export for easier revisiting later. Hopefully they add that endpoint and @zapier can integrate it! Crossed fingers Jesse Learmonth @jesselearmonth
Has anyone cracked the code of being able to either save twitter bookmarks to another app where they can be organized or managed to export them?
If the answer is no, then twitter bookmarks is not a feature, its a tease. Zen Black @z3nblack
Is there anything out there that helps you organize your Twitter bookmarks?

I hate that I can create useless lists here but can't create lists inside bookmarks. David Svezhintsev @daveranan
Is there any way to export Twitter bookmarks? The data archive download includes JSON files for everything except that, it seems Nicolai Buhr @nicolaibuhr
I wish twitter would allow me to separate my bookmarks into categories Cammy Wammy @b4byfrog
What's the best way to export all my Twitter bookmarks outside of Twitter? Joey @jaw_labs
"6.1/ Export bookmarks from Twitter to Roam

So I can finally delete my trash can of useful tweets I’ll ‘read later’ lol" R𐃏amFM @RoamFm
@Twitter Feature Request:
A way to export twitter bookmarks please. <3 Neo Zyad @neoziyad
Curation is Creation

Twitter launched Bookmarks on February 28th, 2018 as an “easier way to save and share tweets.” Since then, many of us have saved hundreds if not thousands of amazing tweets and threads only to never see them again. It’s not because we don’t want to, but because they are buried under every new amazing thread we discover.

This stops with dewey.

dewey. is designed to liberate your bookmarks and give you a way to get the most out of the knowledge you have so painstakingly curated.

We believe that Twitter can be the Library of Alexandria, a collection of deep knowledge and insight, but it lacks a good librarian to organize the texts.

dewey. gives us a way to become our own librarians, curate our bookmarks, and if we choose, share them with the world.