Share Your Twitter Bookmarks

Learn how to make your Twitter Bookmarks public so you can share them with your audience.



Let's figure out how to make our Twitter bookmarks public and share them with other people. The method involves not sharing the bookmark itself, but sharing a folder with your bookmarks.

If you take a look under my folders, you'll find one called "architecture". This folder contains two bookmarks. When I hover over the three dots next to it and click on them, an option to make the folder public appears.

This is because all of your bookmarks and folders are private by default. It bears repeating: all bookmarks and folders are private by default. You can, however, opt to make them public.

Here's how to go about it. After clicking "make public", a little pop-up will appear on the screen, allowing you to send out a tweet with the link. For now, we will ignore this pop-up.

You'll see a change when I go back to the folder and hover over it. It now offers me the option to make it private, since it's currently public. Alternatively, I can copy a public URL. By copying this public URL, I can then share it with others, allowing them to follow along and track my progress as I add more bookmarks to this folder.