How to Make Your Twitter Bookmarks Public with dewey

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Hey everyone. Welcome to dewey.. Today we're gonna talk about one of the cooler features that we have, and that's making a folder that you have public. It's actually very easy. Just go to your folder and you can click this share button or, or you can click the three dots next to your folder name and click Make Public.

So let's do that. Let's click Make Public. I do that, and as you can see instantly I get this tweet that's pre formatted and it's ready to post for my own account with the name of the folder Trung's threads, as well as the link to that folder. You could also see that if I click on the three dots again, I have an option to make this folder private, meaning it will no longer be accessible from this url.

And that's it. Now that your folder is public, you can share Twitter Bookmarks through that URL with anyone you want, and those people can access your awesome saved book. And once you want to take that folder offline, it's as easy as going right here, clicking on the three dots and saying Make private or make public again.

As always, thanks for using dewey. and let's start putting those bookmarks to work. 

Grab your Bookmarks
No credit card required

How to Make Twitter Bookmarks Public

1. Sign up to dewey.

Sign up to dewey. and log in to the app.

2 . Choose a Folder and Click the 3-dot Context Menu

Choose the folder that you want to make public and click on the 3 dots that appear when you hover on the folder.

3. Make Public

Click 'Make Public'

4. Sharing Your Folder

You can also make your folder public by going into a folder and click the 'Share Folder' button that appears underneath the Filter button in the main feed section.