How to search Twitter Bookmarks

Is it possible to search your Twitter bookmarks?

May 7, 2023By dewey.
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One of the most popular questions surrounding Twitter bookmarks is how to search them. As you rack up hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks, it gets a bit unruly to manage them.

Many Twitter users have asked for a search bar for Bookmarks

Searching Your Twitter Bookmarks

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way currently to search Twitter bookmarks directly on Twitter.  The feature doesn’t exist.

Instead you’ll have to use a 3rd party tool like dewey. to search your Twitter bookmarks.

dewey. makes it incredibly simple to not just sync and backup your bookmarks, but to search. And with our improved search function, you can now run advanced search for your Twitter bookmarks with AND/OR statements, exact words, search by author, tag, or content.


There is no official limit on the number of bookmarks a user can have on Twitter, but it increasingly clear that what Twitter says and does are two different things. A limit of around 780 bookmarks does currently exist. Should that change in the future we will update this page.