Search Bookmarks

Learn how to quickly and easily search your twitter bookmarks for any keyword, tag, or username.




Let's take a look at how to search in Dewey. As you can see, I have all my bookmarks here, and it looks like I have some tags already set up from before.

When I go into the search bar, I can run a regular search, or I can perform an advanced search where I can search by the content, by the tag, or by the author. Let's try the tag search. I know that I created this tag before. Upon searching, it returns all the bookmarks with that tag.

Now, let's search by author. We'll go for "dealership guy" because I enjoy his content. My mistake, it's "guy dealership". On entering the correct handle, all of the bookmarks from "guy dealership" appear. And if I want to search by content, perhaps for anything that includes the word "carve", it returns the bookmark with the word "carved" in it.

So, that's how the search function works. You can also add some configurations like exact word search and use search logic, like "or", "and", and "not".


Step by step guide

How to Search Twitter Bookmarks

Step 1 Sign up to dewey.

Sign up to dewey. and log in to the app.

Step 2 Type in your query in the Search bar

Search for any keyword contained in the tweet content, any tag you have added, or any @username.