How to see bookmarks on Twitter (X)

A detailed breakdown of how to see, remove, and use your Twitter (X) bookmarks.

How to see bookmarks on Twitter (X)

Twitter, or now, is a social media site, a news destination site, a manifestation of global consciousness as its previous founder Jack once called it, or an evolution towards the everything app as its new owner Elon Musk calls it. The whole naming thing can be a bit confusing and we often use the terms interchangeably. Force of habit.

Despite its tumultuous history and volatile up and down swings, its undeniable that the site has been a focal point of global conversation, and often the originator of said conversation. Simply put, you often hear about breaking news first on X and in many cases, what gets said on X becomes the news.

It’s no wonder the Bookmarks feature has been one of the most in demand features of the platform.

Understanding Twitter Bookmarks

What are Twitter Bookmarks?

Bookmarks on X work like regular bookmarks we use in our day to day life. Imagine you’re reading a gripping story in the new book that just came in the mail. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It’s the pizza delivery you ordered half an hour ago. To not lose your place in the book and to be able to quickly jump back to where you left off, you’d leave a physical bookmark inside the book. That’s basically what Bookmarks are on X.

Why use Twitter Bookmarks?

Bookmarking tweets can help you save them in an easily viewable part of your profile for later use. Some people use bookmarks the way you’d use a classical, or physical, bookmark, i.e. to come back to later. Others use it for research purposes tying it into their broader personal knowledge management, or PKM, workflow.

Whatever your specific reasoning for saving content, the bookmarks feature on Twitter is powerful (though it does have it’s limitations which we’ll review below).

How to Save A Twitter Post to Bookmarks

Saving a post to your bookmarks is straightforward:

  1. Open Twitter (X) on your desktop or mobile device

  2. Start scrolling until you find a post you want to save to your bookmarks

  3. Look for the Bookmark icon on the bottom of the post next to the Like icon

  1. Once you have added the tweet to your bookmarks, you can access it anytime by navigating to the 'Bookmarks' section of your account

How to access Twitter Bookmarks

To view your saved bookmarks on X, first ensure you're logged into your account. Then follow these steps:

  • Open Twitter (X) on your desktop or mobile device

  • On the left hand side you’ll see a navigation bar

  • Roughly 7 icons down from the top you’ll see the Bookmarks icon

  • Once you click it, the screen will change to show your bookmarks


Managing Bookmarks on Twitter

Organizing Bookmarks on Twitter

In recent years, not long before the company was sold to Elon Musk, Twitter introduced Folders as a way to help organize Bookmarks.

Once you open the Bookmarks section of the site, you’ll see a big blue button that says ‘New folder’.

Clicking it will create your first folder.


After you create that folder you will now see it in a list of Folders on the first screen anytime you click the Bookmarks icon on the lefthand navigation panel.


To create another folder, just click the ‘Add New Folder’ icon at the top right.


To add a post to a specific folder, you have to do that at the time of bookmarking the post.

So when you click the Bookmark icon, a new popup will appear at the bottom of your screen with the prompt ‘Add to Folder’.


Clicking that ‘Add to Folder’ link will open a new popup with the list of Folders you created as well as the option to ‘Create a new Bookmark Folder’ where this saved post will be stored.


Removing Bookmarks on Twitter

Removing a post from Bookmarks is also simple and straightforward.

Go to the post you saved and look for the Bookmark icon. It should be highlighted in blue indicating the post is currently saved to your bookmarks. If you hover over the icon, you’ll see the indication that clicking the icon will ‘Remove from Bookmarks’.


Tips for Using Twitter Bookmarks

How to Locate Bookmarks on Your Phone

  • Open the Twitter (X) app

  • Click on your profile picture

  • Bookmarks will appear in the navigation menu - click that

  • Choose the folder where your bookmark is saved

Utilizing Bookmarks for Research

Bookmarks are an ideal tool for researchers and academics who collect tweets relevant to their field. By organizing tweets into designated folders, you streamline your workflow and simplify the research process.

This efficient organization not only reduces the time needed to locate relevant data but also enhances your analysis with easy recall of different tweet categories. Set up folders based on topics, events, or research stages to optimize your gathering and studying of Twitter content in a structured manner.

Bookmark manager tools like Dewey make it simple to connect your research folders to other tools like Notion.

Sharing Bookmarks With Others

If you want to share a bookmarked post with someone, you need to share the URL to the actual post.

If you use a bookmark manager tool like Dewey, you can share your Folder(s) as well as any metadata you add to bookmarks such as Notes and Tags.

How to See Someone’s Bookmarks on Twitter (X)

Unfortunately, you cannot see what someone else has bookmarked. As of June 12, 2024, you can no longer see what someone else has liked.

Ever since the new ownership took over Twitter turning it into, there has been a deliberate emphasis placed on user privacy and limiting the harmful aspects of social media including cancel culture.

You can however see how many bookmarks a specific post has received but you will not be able to see who has bookmarked a post.


Is There a Limit To Bookmarks on Twitter? 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no 1,000 bookmark limit on X, or Twitter.

With Dewey, a social media bookmark manager, you can export thousands of Twitter bookmarks. Some users report exporting 10s of thousands while our personal record to date is helping one user export 112,000 bookmarks.

So, no, there is no limit on how many bookmarks Twitter, or X, allows, even if that means they sometimes limit how many you can view at a time. With a professional bookmark manager, all your bookmarks belong to you and are available for you to do with them as you please.

Save all your social bookmarks in one place.

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