How many bookmarks can you have on Twitter

The hidden limit of Twitter Bookmarks

May 7, 2023By dewey.
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Twitter Bookmarks were introduced in February 2018. Different from Likes, a Bookmark on Twitter is a way to save tweets and threads to be read later without sharing publicly that the tweet was saved.

Since users tend to bookmark tweets that are interesting to them, they may be used as part of the ranking algorithm Twitter uses to rank and display tweets on the For You tab.

In March 2023, Twitter began displaying the number of bookmarks a tweet has received next to other performance metrics like re-tweets, likes, comments, and impressions. Unlike the metrics mentioned, bookmarks are still private by nature. No one can see which users have bookmarked a tweet.

We often get asked by our users how many bookmarks you can have on Twitter and the answer is, it depends. 

Twitter Bookmark Limits

There is no official limit on the number of bookmarks a user can save. 

However, many users have reported not being able to view more than 1,000 bookmarks. 

Since we have a collection of over 10 million bookmarks saved in our database, we ran the numbers. According to our data, it looks as if the total number of bookmarks a user can have is around 780 before Twitter will stop displaying them.

Note, this is not always the case. Some users have been able to export over 10,000 bookmarks into dewey. while the current record is at 100,000 bookmarks exported into dewey.

So while it is possible to have more than 780 bookmarks, it appears this is not always the case.

Managing Your Bookmarks

A popular workaround to managing the number of bookmarks has been to delete several at a time.

We don’t recommend doing this without a backup alternative. 

If a tweet is no longer interesting to you, by all means delete it. But please don’t delete bookmarks because of an arbitrary limit Twitter has set.

Instead, we recommend syncing with dewey. which is free. Paid subscribers will be able to use additional features like export, sync to Notion, search, and categorization. But simply syncing them off Twitter’s platform is free and recommended.

We save the full tweet content including media files to our servers so it acts as a backup to your Twitter bookmarks.


There is no official limit on the number of bookmarks a user can have on Twitter, but it increasingly clear that what Twitter says and does are two different things. A limit of around 780 bookmarks does currently exist. Should that change in the future we will update this page.