Sync Twitter Bookmarks to Notion

Learn how to sync Twitter bookmarks to Notion automatically



In this video, we're going to cover how to set up the Notion integration with Dewey. The Notion integration is designed for continuous sync, meaning you won't have to export every single time manually to Notion. This will create a one-to-one integration that will sync any bookmarks you add into Dewey directly into Notion. 

Let's get started. Go into your profile and click on settings. Then, you'll want to navigate to Integrations on the left-hand side and click the enable button next to "Automatically sync to Notion." A popup will appear asking you to connect Dewey to Notion. Go ahead and log in, and then Notion will ask you to authorize the integration with Dewey. Click next through that and use the template provided by the developer. It's really important to use the default option, which is a template provided by the developer, otherwise, the connection won't sync properly with Notion.

Once you've done that, if you go into Notion, you'll notice a new page called "Do We Sync." This page will contain all of the bookmarks that are inside of your Dewey account. There's a disclaimer on top advising not to change this database, as any alterations to the structure will cause the integrations to break. To avoid issues, create a separate relational database and link it to this one. On that separate relational database, you can make any changes you want. If you're unclear about how relational databases work, please see Notion's frequently asked questions or support documents for guidance.

As long as you don't modify anything on the Dewey sync page, the sync will be continuous, and every bookmark you add into Dewey will be sent over to Notion unless you decide to stop the syncing. To stop the syncing, you would need to go back into Integrations in your Dewey settings and click disable. Otherwise, it will continuously auto-sync.

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