Dark Mode

Learn how to enable dark mode in the dewey. chrome extension and web app.



In this video, we're going to discuss how to toggle back and forth between dark mode and light mode.

If you're like me and prefer dark mode most of the time, you can easily switch settings to accommodate your preference.

To do this, open up your settings panel and navigate to the first tab, which is labeled 'App'. Here, you'll find the theme option where you can choose between light, dark, or system preference.

In my case, most of my apps and windows on my Mac appear in dark theme, but you can explicitly select dark mode if you prefer.

Additionally, you have the option to toggle the font size to larger fonts if needed, and this change will apply systemwide. Once these adjustments are made, if you go back to your Dewey feed, you'll notice that everything is now displayed in dark mode.

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