Reading Mode

Learn how to enable reading mode in dewey. for easier readability for all of your Twitter Bookmarks.



Let's talk about reading mode. Sometimes you just want pure text with no other distractions, so you can focus on reading the bookmarks that you've saved.

This is simple to do. You can go up top and toggle the "select all", or you can choose specific bookmarks that you want to switch to reading mode. For this example, we'll do "select all". You can activate reading mode right in the Dewey feed, which will remove all of the images and media files.

They're not really gone, they're just hidden from view so that you can enter reading mode and have an undistracted view of the text. Where I think this is particularly useful is when you're reading a thread. If we click "show thread" here, it will pull in all of the tweets related to the thread. This can be a little tough to read with all of the images that the authors include.

By clicking on reading mode again, it turns into a clean, easy view, allowing you to consume the content without any distractions.