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Sidebar widget for Twitter




So, Dewey just released a brand new feature that hopefully will make browsing Twitter a little bit easier and a little bit more fun. If you have the Dewey Chrome extension installed and you're logged in, you'll know it by clicking on the icon in the top right corner in the menu bar for Dewey, you'll see that you're logged in.

Well, you'll now start seeing a sidebar widget right inside your browser. Now this won't show if you're on the homepage of Twitter, but if you're on a specific Twitter profile page, you will see it. Now in this case, I'm on David Perell's Twitter profile page, and I'm pretty sure that I've bookmarked some of his content in the past.

If I click the sidebar widget, it will now show me that I have 17 different bookmarks from David in the past. And this is in reverse chronological order so I can scroll and look for the bookmark that I'm looking for or I can use the search bar up top.

So let's say I want to search the word 'career', it will show me that I have three different bookmarks from David mentioning the word 'career'. This is available to all Dewey users, whether you're on the free plan or the paid plan.

We hope that it makes your time on Twitter a bit more enjoyable, that you can find content quicker, and engage with the content that you've saved and bookmarked in the past. We hope you enjoy it.


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