How to see old bookmarks in Twitter

Finding and accessing your old Twitter bookmarks just got easier

How to see old bookmarks in Twitter

Introduced in February 2018, Twitter Bookmarks differ from Likes in that they are private by default and are meant to be a way to save tweets to be read later.

But how can you see your old bookmarks? Is it possible?

The answer, like most things on Twitter, is it depends.

Accessing Your Twitter Bookmarks

The Bookmarks button should be on your main navigation inside Twitter.

To view your bookmarks on Desktop:

Twitter Bookmarks Search

To view your bookmarks on iPhone:

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

To view your bookmarks on Android:

How to use Twitter bookmarks on Android

Tips For Managing Your Bookmarks

Unless you pay for Twitter Blue, there isn't a way to organize Twitter bookmarks into Folders. Twitter Blue currently costs $8/mo.

To see old bookmarks in Twitter, whether you are a Twitter Blue subscriber or not, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page until you get to the oldest bookmark.

Depending on the number of saved bookmarks, this can become frustrating.

Dewey. makes it simple to see old bookmarks. 

With dewey. you can sort your bookmarks by date and alphabet making it simple to quickly find your oldest bookmarks. Additionally, you can organize bookmarks into folders whether or not you have Twitter Blue.

And if you do pay for Twitter Blue, you can now sync Twitter Blue folders directly to dewey.


While it's not easy or simple to see old bookmarks directly on Twitter, using 3rd party tools like dewey. makes it a breeze. 



Save all your social bookmarks in one place.

Dewey backs up all your social media bookmarks in one place to help you revisit and learn.

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