Sync X Premium / Twitter Blue Folders

Learn how to export your Twitter Blue folders to dewey.



In this video, we're going to discuss how to pull in or sync your folders from Twitter Blue, which might now be referred to as X Premium. It's challenging to keep up with the changes there, but essentially, X, formerly known as Twitter, offers a premium subscription plan. You have the option to choose between a free plan or a premium plan. If you're on the premium plan, they allow you to create folders for your bookmarks, a feature Dewey has been offering since its inception in 2021. Some of you have reached out expressing interest in using Dewey but have concerns about the folders you've created in your Twitter Blue or X Premium accounts. You've asked how to ensure that you can bring your folders from X or Twitter into Dewey without having to redo all that work, which is a very legitimate request as we don't want you to work harder than necessary. Today, we will walk through how to sync those folders inside of X bookmarks into Dewey.

You'll notice that I have some folders already created here, but do not have a folder called "writing." This is important because, on X, I have a folder called "writing." To sync this, I'm going to use the 'grab bookmarks' button, which appears because I have the Chrome extension installed. If you do not have the Chrome extension installed, I recommend you stop this video right now, go to our get-started video which will guide you on how to install it from the Chrome Web Store. Assuming you have it installed, you will see this 'grab bookmarks' button inside the folder. We're not talking about all the bookmarks, just the ones in this folder. When I click it, it's going to start the sync process.

Back inside of Dewey, you'll see the folders on the left-hand side. When I refresh the page, there's now a "writing" folder. Before the video ends, I want to ensure that nothing is duplicated, meaning if you've already had these bookmarks inside of Dewey but they've been unsorted or in different places, we didn't create a duplicate version of the bookmark. We just now created that folder and identified which of the bookmarks that we've already synced match up with that folder inside of X and then put them inside that folder here in Dewey. We've done all that work for you, and it's really simple. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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