Create Folders

Finally, folders for your Twitter Bookmarks that don't cost you $8 and get you features you don't care about. Organize your Twitter Bookmarks with dewey.




Creating a folder is very simple. Let's show you how to do that on this video. You'll notice here on the left side you have your folders, you hover over the three lines and the plus sign and right when you click it it automatically enters a new line.

Let's call this one, let's call it writing. I want to make a folder for all of my writing content. I can choose an emoji. 

So I'll just find a little hand writing. Great. And let's start filling it up with content. So if I go back into all bookmarks, let me see what stands out. 

Hmm. Oh, here's a good one. Okay. So this content. And that I've saved this tweet is about Hemingway and about writing and that's going to fit perfectly. 

So I click the little checkbox on the bottom right corner and then click move to it'll show me some of the. 

My folders but in case you have a lot of folders you can always just search for the folder. So in this case I just want to put in the writing folder. 

And you'll notice now this number went from zero to one. So when I click on the writing folder I now have. 

At tweet that bookmark living inside here. If I wanted to make a sub folder. All I have to do is click on the plus sign. 

Right when I hover over this folder. So I click on this plus sign you'll see it made a little indent. 

And this one I want to call. Tips. Great. Let's go back to all bookmarks. And one of my favorite creators is David Pirel. 

And he has a great tweet that I saved here. There it is. Let's say I want to put this one in the subfolder. 

I can just do that right there. And you can keep making more and more subfolders that are just nested all the way down. 

If this starts to get unruly, you can just click on the little arrow sign here to roll it up just to keep everything nice and tidy or put it back down.


Step by step guide

How to Create Folders for Twitter Bookmarks

Step 1 Sign up to dewey.

Sign up to dewey. and log in to the app.

Step 2 Click the 3-horizontal line + Icon

In the Your Folders section on the left-hand side of dewey. click the icon with 3 horizontal lines + and add the name of your folder

Step 3 Add Subfolders

Hover over the folder name under which you want to add a subfolder and click the ➕ icon. Name your new subfolder.

Step 4 Move Bookmarks into your folders

Select the bookmarks you want to add into a folder and click the Move button in the Action Bar that appears at the bottom of the dewey. feed. Choose which folder to add the bookmarks to and click on the name.