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Finally, folders for your Twitter Bookmarks that don't cost you $8 and get you features you don't care about. Organize your Twitter Bookmarks with dewey.



In this video, we're going to talk about how to create folders in Dwey to help you organize your bookmarks. It's very simple using the left-hand panel where you'll see the folders section. I already have one folder in here, but let's say I want to add another one. I'll just go ahead and call it "test" for this purpose. If I want to create a subfolder, I can do that by clicking the plus sign again and naming it "test subfolder." I can also change the color of the folder icon if I want to break it up visually.

Now, let's say I have this test folder, and there's nothing in there right now. We need to add some bookmarks, which will take me to the unsorted section. These are all the bookmarks that have not been sorted into folders. Let's say I want to add one; I click "move," and I can move it into the test folder. Wonderful, now it's showing up in my test folder. I can do this with multiple items. Let's say I click these two, maybe I want to click here to select everything, and I want to move that to the test folder. Boom, now everything that was unsorted is down to zero, and everything is now in my test folder.

Let's go ahead and get rid of these. We'll move them all back to unsorted, and I want to show you another way that you can move bookmarks into folders you've created. In the "more actions" button, you have the opportunity to do a move into a folder that'll work the same way that we just did before. Great, additionally, if you open or expand the contents of a bookmark to see it on the right-hand side and you click the "edit" button here as well, you'll see what folder it belongs to on a dropdown menu, and you can move it to your desired folder as well.

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