Export to Google Sheets

How to export your bookmarks and likes to Google Sheets




Let's talk about Google Sheets authorization and Google Sheets export directly from Dewey. I'm going to walk you through exactly how to do that in this tutorial.

First thing you'll need to do is head over to your account page. In there, you'll see a new section that says Google Sheets authorization. I've already authorized this, but you may need to do that if you haven't already. 

You click authorize, it'll walk you through a few steps. You want to click okay to authorize it with Google, combining Dewey and Google together so that we can play nice and talk to each other.

Now, go back into your main Dewey dashboard, sort it however you want. You can go into specific folders. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm just going to select everything I have.

I click select all up here. It shows that I have about 2,180 bookmarks. In the little toolbar that pops up on the bottom that you might be familiar with already, there's an export button.

When I click the export button, it shows me now export to Google Sheets. This will only work if you've already authorized Google in your account page, so make sure you do that first.

Once I click export to Google Sheets, that'll start working in the background. Let's give it a couple seconds. When I go into my Google Drive page, I'll see a new file here that says 'Dewey Sync' with the timestamp.

If I open that up, I'll see all of the content exported out into my Google Sheets. Remember, you will have to do this every single time as this is not an auto sync or an auto export. 

You choose to export whatever you want, and however much of bookmark content you want from Dewey, but it works directly and it sends everything over to Google Sheets. 

You have the tweet content, all the metadata, the media files often hosted on Dewey servers. If you're looking to export media files directly to your local machine, we talk about how to do that in a separate video. 

But again, this should be a really neat, fun way to connect directly to your Google Sheets without having to first export to CSV and then copy and paste. This is just a clean one-to-one connection and export.


Step by step guide

Direct export to Google Sheets from Dewey

Step 1 Click My Account

Click 'My Account' in the top left navigation bar.

Step 2 Authorize Google Sheets

Click the 'Authorize' button next to Google Sheets Authorization

Step 3 Select Bookmarks

Select which bookmarks you would like to export

Step 4 Click Export

Click the 'Export' button on the bottom toolbar

Step 5 Click Export to Google Sheets

Click Export to Google Sheets and wait a few seconds

Step 6 Check Google Drive

Go into your Google Drive account and locate the newly created Sheets file with all your exported dewey bookmarks