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In this video, we're going to talk about how to make your folders sharable so that other people can access specific folders if you choose. By default, they're private, we promise, but if you want to make them public or grant someone access to view a specific folder, you can do that. We will also discuss how to turn on RSS for specific folders. This can be particularly useful if you're building an app or want to connect a blog to a specific folder. Whatever your needs, enabling RSS allows you to pull in that feed.

The first step is to go over to a folder that you have content in, such as some bookmarks. When you hover over it, you'll see three dots. Clicking on these dots will give you the option to share. Once you click that, a little popup will appear indicating that anyone with the link can access the page, and no sign-up is required. If you've selected to share, and then decide to turn that option off, nobody can access it. However, if you turn it on and copy the URL, you can now share that URL with other people.

But let's say you want an RSS feed specifically, not just a URL that has the same folder. If you click on the RSS option, it will indicate that the RSS link has been clipped to your clipboard. When you open up a new tab and paste in that RSS URL, you'll see the data feed showing up exactly as you need it to. Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful, and we look forward to our other tutorials where we'll explore more features and functionalities.