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Let's say I want to make a folder or bookmark shareable to RSS. This is really simple. You'll notice on your folders there's three little dots right next to it.

If you click on it you'll have the option to make the folder. You'll need to do this first. Now keep in mind all folders and all bookmarks are private by default.

So you'll go ahead and make this public. And then what's going to happen is right when you go back into those three dots you'll notice.

You have new options. You can choose to make it private again. That's fine. But you can also copy the RSS URL.

And what that does is that gives you an RSS URL that you can then use to build apps to connect to social media, connect to your blog.

Or do all types of different automations and connections with. So this is how to do it, but it's only available once you make your folder public.


Step by step guide

How to Share Twitter Bookmarks to RSS

Step 1 Mark folder as public

Select the folder you wish to share, click the menu (three dots) on the side and select "Make Public"

Step 2 Copy RSS URL

Once folder is marked as public, on the menu you will notice a new option to copy RSS url

Step 3 Click the copy RSS url option

Once copy RSS URL is clicked, you can use the RSS URL in any RSS reader software