How to Bookmark Full Twitter Threads using dewey.

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Hey everyone. Welcome to dewey. Today we have a video where we talk about how to grab full threads, not just the first tweet using dewey. So first you'll add a bookmark to dewey., as you always do.

It may be the first tweet in a thread, and now that it's in dewey., we want to get the full thread. So here we see this great thread about product led growth versus marketing led growth versus sales led growth.

Awesome thread. But we grabbed the first bookmark only. So once it's in dewey., all you have to do is click show thread and we grab the rest of that thread and make it available, including all media inside dewey.  and that thread is now saved in full inside dewey.. You can then use these full threads to create and post Twitter threads right from dewey.

As always, thank you so much for using dewey, and let's keep putting our bookmarks to work. 

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How to Bookmarks Full Twitter Threads

2. Bookmark a Twitter Thread

Bookmarks the first tweet in the Twitter Thread you want to add to dewey.

1. Sign up to dewey.

Sign up to dewey. and log in to the app.

3. Click 'Show Thread'

In dewey. find the first Tweet of the thread and click 'Show Thread'. dewey. will load the full thread and save its contents.