Sync Bluesky Skeets

Saving and bookmarking Bluesky content with Dewey




So let's walk through how to use Dewey with Bluesky. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that you have the Dewey Chrome extension installed on your Chrome browser. 

If you'll notice, the version is 4.00. That's the latest version that has Bluesky integration. Once I click add to Chrome and add to extension, you want to make sure that it's pinned so you can quickly grab it.

When I click into it, it will ask me to either log in with a Twitter account or if I don't have a Twitter account, I can log in or sign up with an email. 

So if you do not have a Twitter account, maybe you've deleted it, you never want to go back to it. Or maybe you've just never had it. That's fine. You don't need a Twitter account to use Dewey anymore, specifically if you want to use Dewey for Bluesky.

So in this case, I'll click 'don't have a Twitter account'. It'll now ask me to log in with my email. You can click sign up and create a new account just with email. In this case, I'm just going to quickly log in with my email address.

And it'll log me back into Dewey, okay? And you'll notice I don't have anything saved here because this is a brand new account. 

When I click into the Dewey Chrome extension, it'll also show that I am logged in with this new account and there are no bookmarks currently added.

Okay, great. Now when I go to Bluesky and you refresh the page, I will now see a new button showing up next to each Bluesky post. 

This is the Dewey bookmark feature. As of today, as of September 2023, Bluesky does not have a native bookmark feature. 

That doesn't mean that you cannot bookmark and save posts into Dewey. You just do it through this Dewey Chrome extension. 

So let's go ahead and add a few of these to Dewey just by clicking the button. If I want, I can add additional context and notes, but I'm not going to do that for now.

I just want to add these right into my Dewey account. And when I go into my Dewey account and refresh, I will now see that I have these posts. 

And you'll notice something interesting on the bottom left side of each post. There's the Bluesky logo. It's telling you this is a Bluesky bookmark.

If these were bookmarks from Twitter, you would not see this. And what I mean by that is that you can actually use Dewey for both Bluesky and Twitter or whatever simultaneously.

And you'll be able to see which bookmarks are from which platform. Initially, they'll show altogether on your Dewey feed. And if you ever want to toggle that or filter it, you just click this little eye icon up here and you'll see it can display Twitter bookmarks, Twitter likes, or Bluesky bookmarks. 

In this case, we don't have any Twitter bookmarks so toggling it doesn't really do anything. But if you wanted to start collecting from different social platforms, this is the way to do it and this would be the way to display whichever ones you're looking for at that particular time.

The other neat thing about the way that we've built Dewey is you can also export everything that's in here. So whether this is a post that you've saved in bookmark from Bluesky or from Twitter, thanks for watching!

And you can look at some of our other videos regarding export to see how to do that. You can push everything to Notion, to Google Sheets, or just export it onto your local computer, including media files.

So if the posts have any images or any video, that would also be exported if you choose. 


Step by step guide

You can now save and bookmark posts with Bluesky

Step 1 Install dewey. chrome extension

Go to the chrome store and install dewey. extension

Step 2 Navigate to Bluesky

You'll notice a purple dewey. bookmark icon on the right side near each post (sometimes referred to as skeet).

Step 3 Go to your dewey. app

Open dewey. and in the feed of saved bookmarks, you will see the bookmarked Bluesky posts along with your other bookmarks.

Step 4 Filter views

Click Filter (the "eye" icon) next to Sort to toggle the view on your dewey. feed to see, or remove, the Bluesky posts from your feed.