Using Dewey Chrome Extension

Learn how to grab all of your bookmarks into dewey.



Download the dewey. Chrome Extension


Using the Chrome extension for Dewey is easy. There'll be a link right below this video. You basically just go to the Chrome Web Store, look for Dewey, or click the link below this video.

When you're there, click "Add to Chrome". This will add the extension, and then you'll see it pop up over in the toolbar right next to the URL bar. Go ahead and pin it to your toolbar, click it, and then log in, even if you've already logged in before.

Click "Log in". Twitter will ask you to authorize the app, go ahead and do that. Then, you can either navigate back to your account or you can go to your Twitter bookmarks. 

Just on the side, click your bookmarks. You'll notice it looks like your regular Twitter page, nothing new. However, something interesting happens. The Chrome extension now adds a little button that says "Grab Bookmarks". 

Click that button and it'll start pulling in all of your bookmarks using the Chrome extension. So for whatever reason, if the Twitter API isn't working - and that happens sometimes - just use the Chrome extension. Remember to go to the bookmarks page on Twitter, look for this button, and click "Grab Bookmarks".


Step by step guide

Go beyond Twitter API limits and grab all your bookmarks with our Chrome Extension

Step 1 Install dewey. extension

Go to the chrome store and install dewey. extension

Step 2 Navigate to Twitter

Go to Bookmarks in your Twitter account

Step 3 Grab Bookmarks

On the top part you will see a grab bookmarks button - click it

Step 4 Enjoy your backed up bookmarks

Wait until dewey. will finish running and backing up your bookmarks