Add & Manage Tags

How to Tag Twitter Bookmarks




Adding tags to your bookmarks in Dewey is quite simple. I'm currently on the main feed, viewing all bookmarks, and I spot a bookmark by the Cultural Tutor.

To add a tag, I click the small checkbox on the bookmark at the bottom right. This action makes a menu bar appear at the bottom of the screen, where I can click 'Tag'.

The system gives me an AI suggestion for the tag 'Hindu Temple', which seems fitting, so I'll accept it. The tag is then applied to the selected bookmark.

As I scroll down the feed, I see another bookmark related to architecture. I decide to add a tag to this one as well. I follow the same process, clicking on the bookmark and selecting 'Tag'. The AI suggests 'Architecture', which is quite accurate.

Realizing that I also want to add the 'Architecture' tag to the previous bookmark, I simply click the checkbox on the bookmark, select 'Tag', and start typing 'Architecture'. The auto-suggest feature brings up the existing tag. 

If I wish to remove a tag, I just click on it, and it gets deleted.

If I've tagged multiple bookmarks, I can view these organized tags by selecting 'By Tag' option. This shows all the prevalent tags at the top. 

Renaming a tag is straightforward too. I click on the three dots beside the tag and select the pencil icon to rename it. If I decide to remove all the tags in bulk, I simply click the trash can icon.


Step by step guide

Adding, Managing, and Removing Tags

Step 1 Sign up to dewey.

Sign up to dewey. and log in to the app.

Step 2 Select a Twitter Bookmark

Click on the selector box at the bottom-right corner of a bookmark in the dewey. feed. You can select as many as you would like at a time. Using Search helps speed this along.

Step 3 Click Tag in the Action Bar

In the Action Bar now available at the bottom of the dewey. feed click Tag and add your tag. You can add multiple tags to your bookmark.