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How to Tag Twitter Bookmarks



In this video, we're going to talk about how to add tags to your bookmarks. The first way to do this is by clicking into a bookmark to expand it, which will cause a popup to appear on the right-hand side. Here, you can click 'edit' and in the tag section, you can add as many tags as you like. It will show you some of your more recent tags, but if you want to create a new one, it's very simple to do so. You can also click on that tag and exit out if you want to delete it.

Another way to add tags is by hovering over the specific bookmark where it says 'more actions' and adding a tag that way. A popup will appear, and you can again just write in whatever tag you want to. The final way is if you want to apply tags to multiple bookmarks. You would just select the different bookmarks that you want to tag, and you'll see a new bar has appeared up top with a few buttons, the middle button saying 'add tag'. You click that, and any tag that you put here will now apply to the bookmarks you've selected, and you'll see that it now appears on the bottom left side on the specific bookmarks on the left-hand side. There's now a test tag which, if I click, will now show me all of the bookmarks that have that tag associated with it.

Adding tags is very simple. This is the manual way to do it. If you want to apply bulk tags using our AI bulk tagger, we'll cover that in a separate video. But as for manual tagging, these are the three ways that you can do it. I hope this helped.

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