AI Bulk Tagging

How to add bulk tags in dewey with ChatGPT




Let's say you want to start tagging your bookmarks in Dewey. We've talked about this in a previous video where you just click on the little checkbox on the bottom right corner and then you have this menu bar on the bottom and you can enter a tag.

But what if you have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of bookmarks that you've just now synced and ingested into Dewey? Clearly, that would take a long time. So, we've added a new feature, which you can find in the 'My Account' section, to auto-tag in bulk using ChatGPT.

Let me show you how that works. Click into your account, and you'll see 'Auto-tag Bookmarks Using ChatGPT' and a button that says 'Organize Tags'. Click on that, and you'll get a little message that says we've started analyzing your tweets. This may take a little while.

I don't have many tweets right now, so it should be relatively quick. But if you have a lot, it could take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Let's check in on how this is doing. You'll see here that the tag 'Art Film' is attached to this bookmark, and it wasn't there before. If I keep going, I'll see this one also has 'Art Film', and this one has 'Personal Development', this one is 'Economics'.

So they're pretty good. They're not perfect in all situations, but they're quite useful. And what will happen is as you accumulate more content and more bookmarks, the AI gets smarter about how to tag. And as you start to put individual manual tags, it'll start to learn based on what you manually input and what the AI will suggest.

If I go to my section here to 'Search Bookmark by Tag', you'll now see that I have a bunch of different tags up top that I can search by. I hope this was helpful and look at our frequently asked questions for more detailed how-to guides.


Step by step guide

How to bulk tag with ChatGPT AI

Step 1 Click the My Account

Click the My Account on the top bar

Step 2 Click "Organize Tags"

Near the Auto Tag Bookmarks Using ChatGPT option, click "Organize Tags"

Step 3 Wait a few minutes

Depending on how many bookmarks you have this may take anywhere from 2-10 minutes

Step 4 Review in dashboard

After a few minutes, refresh the page and review the tags in your dashboard

Step 5 Click 'By Tag' In The Left Panel

Click into the 'By Tag' section to quickly review the tags and make bulk edits