Delete Bookmarks

How to delete your bookmarks on dewey. and on Twitter




Let's say you want to delete some of your bookmarks or perhaps all of them. This process is straightforward, and I'll show you how.

We'll start by clicking 'Select All'. Make sure we're looking at just bookmarks and select all. A menu appears at the bottom, and there, I'll click 'Delete'. You might notice a pop-up that indicates due to Twitter's API rate limit, you can only delete five tweets every 15 minutes. This limitation is a Twitter restriction, not a Dewey one. 

To work around this, we can unselect all and start picking just a few that we want to delete. On choosing these, I'll go ahead and click 'Delete'. An important pop-up will appear saying, "Are you sure that you want to delete selected bookmarks?" along with a toggle option for deleting in Dewey or just on Twitter.

Dewey is designed to be a backup for your Twitter bookmarks, meaning in the event that you decide to delete your Twitter bookmarks, or if something happens on Twitter's end causing your bookmarks to disappear, you'll still have a backup on Dewey.

However, we also offer to delete them on Twitter for you. The reason for this is because Dewey performs auto-sync. Our system constantly checks your bookmarks after you've made an account to ensure that what shows up in Dewey corresponds to what you have on Twitter.

So, if we delete something on Twitter for you, it's no longer going to be synced, but we have the backup in Dewey. If we delete something in Dewey, but it's still on Twitter, we're going to continuously pull it back in due to the auto-sync.

You have the option to delete on just Twitter, or both on Dewey and Twitter. To do so, make sure this toggle is selected, then go ahead and click 'Yes'. Then, your selected bookmarks will be entirely deleted both on Dewey and on Twitter.


Step by step guide

We make it simple to delete your bookmarks in bulk on both Twitter and within dewey.